Q3 Celebration Tour & Lunch

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

On a slightly chilly and wet day in November the team got together, donned their walking boots, and headed to the suspension bridge to meet their guides. After being supplied with high vis and hard hats the team were given a short history of how the bridge came to being on the abutment, and where the engineers discovered for the first time the hatch which opened into an empty cavern, they thought was solid. Afterwards the team were led through a mystery red door and down a leafy path to a ladder, where at the bottom was the door which was never meant to be. The door was made by drilling about 50 holes through the 2-metre-thick wall, a bit of reinforcements and the world is now able to enter a space that no one knew existed!

With stalactites hanging and stalagmites trying to grow upwards the team were told they will never meet like in a cave, as they are just pencil thick and most break before they can reach the floor. 


The space is now open to the public to tour and they even hold some performances due to the excellent acoustics.


After the team climbed back out, they headed to the Clifton sausage for a hearty meal to warm up and celebrate the Q3 success, with a few celebratory drinks of course!


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