Bristol Pub Golf Returns...

Friday, May 16, 2014

After a long time away, this month we saw the return of the S.O.S and MATRICS Pub Golf Bristol & West in partnership with Beach Baker & Zest Design and Marketing. On Thursday 1st May 2014 the round of golf began with a free drink at Racks where all teams collected their rules, scorecard and map and were sent off at 7pm to begin the course.

The aim of the game, much like a real round of golf was to get the lowest score possible. The golfers visited 6 pubs/holes and drank the provided drink, in or under the par set. Alongside the drink was an entertaining task which was to be completed to achieve bonus points. The tasks ranged from a game of Operation to pass the orange under the chin and were a win or lose situation, the games getting progressively harder as the evening went on.

As the golfers trod the course, missions were also set to, yes you guessed it, lower the overall score. This provided us with some great photos and I am sure great memories (if ever so slightly blurry) of the night.

In each of the pubs, marshals stood watch to ensure fair play and enjoyed the golfer’s attempts to lower their scores. Overall a very competitive evening with scores typically in the minus with most drinks being downed in one.

Once all the teams returned safely back to Racks, mission evidence was collected and points were totalled up. In third place were the team from BNP & Knight Frank, in second place Hartnell Taylor Cook, and the winner is our team of random individuals, aptly renamed the Oddballs, from Hartnell Taylor Cook, Sanderson Weatherall and ETP Property Solutions who have won the accolade of Bristol Pub Golf Champions 2014. As with all pub golf events, golf attire was encouraged and so those who dressed the best won best dressed! And as you can see from the photo BNP went all out and matched their outfits perfectly. Well done Boys, well played!

Rupert Stuart-Baker, Director at Beach Baker said “This was a great evening and a welcome opportunity to again work in partnership with the MATRICS. We are hoping to make this an annual event and cement Pub Golf in the Bristol Surveyors social calendar. We are looking forward to the S.O.S (Surveyors Organised Social, arranged by Beach Baker & Zest Design) boat party event this summer, where we are sure to see some familiar faces from this month’s pub golf.”