SupCup – Beach Baker paddle to victory

Thursday, June 6, 2019

This year’s SUPCUP in aid of the RNLI, sponsored by Amarelle, was held on 6th June 2019 in Bristol Docks. Having been run successfully for several years by the Bristol Paddle Boarding team at SUPCUP it was another exciting and rewarding afternoon for the Bristol property community and their colleagues and friends. This year the course had an improved physical layout but retained much of the essential ingredients of relay races and four-person Dragon board time trials.

This was the 2nd time Beach Baker joined the efforts and lined up with 24 teams to compete in the relay races. The first year the team wobbled their way into the proverbially named “up the creak” final while other seems to glide along effortlessly. However, this year the Beach Baker team, while a member down seemed to have doubled their practice sessions and paddled their way into final after final.

The Champions final took an unexpected turn when the Surf club team went the wrong way around the course, meaning Rupert was able to take the lead early on. 

Katrina took over and her turning was nothing short of exquisite ensuring she held the lead and Fred with his eyes on the finish took the team over the line with great speed and vigour in first place.

Massive Congratulations to the Beach Baker Team! Winners of the Overall Champions Final and Gold Cup final, which was a huge achievement.  We have three trophies to prove it!! Lol..