Summer Escape

Friday, August 9, 2019

This year Beach Baker decided to get locked up for their summer party! Split into three teams the Beach Baker London and Bristol teams had to use their intellect and out of the box thinking to escape within the hour. On arrival at Locked in a Room, harbourside, Bristol we were guided into a large room where we congregated into our designated teams, then a rather excitable character told us the back story and our mission, to unlock the room!

With 6 minutes and 50 seconds to spare, Team 1 with Ruth, Belinda & Leanne escaped the room first and eagerly awaited the other teams. After 5 mins the ladies became concerned for their fellow teams and the lack thereof, a few more mins went by and they came through looking defeated and equally surprised that even one team got out. Happily, the prospect of Steak and Chips at Pasture consoled the whole group and we all agreed it was a great experience, even If the escape was a success or not.