RICS Matrics Pub Golf

Friday, January 10, 2014

On November 14th 2013 Birmingham was the setting for a game of pub golf not to be missed. The RICS matrics organised, Beach Baker sponsored, round of golf began at Edmunds on Edmund Street at 6pm.

As with any pub golf event, there are strict rules to be obeyed if you are to have any chance of winning the round. First of all you are required to solve the clues to get to the right pubs (essential to be in with any chance of winning) upon finding the correct pub a challenge was set to find the next pub and so on. Points were given for consuming the correct drinks and the marshals were notoriously strict! 6 bonus items for extra points were to be collected on the way to take the lead.

Last of all was the challenge to arrive at the last pub by 8.30pm, for those who got there early an extra 100 points, for those who arrived late 100 points deducted. Which meant that when all was counted and extra points were awarded (to those teams who managed to collect bonus items such as; 1 pair of men’s underpants or a photo of the team in a phone box) the winners were… BNP Paribas, who also took home the title for Best Dressed Team. A great event which is sure to be repeated.