Celebrating Five Years of Origin Workspace: A Journey of Innovation and Community

Friday, April 26, 2024

On Friday, April 26th, 2024, Origin Workspace, the premier co-working space and community hub located in Berkeley Square, Clifton, marked a significant milestone as it celebrated five years of fostering creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurship in the region. Since its inception in 2019, Origin Workspace has been at the forefront of nurturing the region's best and brightest entrepreneurs, business leaders, start-ups, and scale-ups, providing them with a dynamic environment to thrive and succeed.

The gala dinner and awards ceremony held at the stunning Berkeley Square office space brought together over 200 guests, including friends, family, Origin Workspace members past and present, and supporters of the organization. Among the distinguished attendees were Dan, Leanne, Mike, and Dinusha from the Beach Baker team, who have held an office at Origin since January 2020.

The evening was a testament to Origin's commitment to creating an environment where innovation flourishes and success stories are born. From the moment guests stepped onto the orange carpet, they were immersed in the spirit of celebration. Delicious cocktails, sumptuous food, and live music set the stage for an unforgettable evening, reflective of everything that makes Origin Workspace one of the best places to work in the city. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and anticipation as attendees mingled and exchanged stories, forging new connections and strengthening existing bonds within the vibrant community.

Central to the evening's festivities was the awards ceremony, honouring businesses and individuals who exemplify the values and ethos of Origin Workspace. Among the deserving winners was Beach Baker, recognized with the Success Award for their outstanding contribution to the community and their remarkable achievements in their respective fields. Commenting on their win, representatives from Beach Baker expressed their love for the building and heartfelt appreciation for everything Origin Workspace does for their business, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between the two entities.

Reflecting on the journey of the past five years, Rob Hingston, Managing Director of Origin Workspace, expressed his awe at the transformation of the space from a humble 70’s office building into a thriving hub of creativity and entrepreneurship. He highlighted the joy of witnessing countless entrepreneurs and start-ups grow and flourish within the community, a testament to the power of collaboration and support.

Heather Frankham, Founder of Origin Workspace, echoed this sentiment, emphasising the incredible growth and success stories that have emerged from the community. She celebrated the diverse array of business leaders who have found inspiration and support within Origin Workspace, contributing to its evolution into a beacon of innovation and opportunity.

At Origin Workspace, providing a collaborative work environment is more than just offering first-class facilities; it's about fostering a culture of collaboration and support where members can thrive. With features like sound-proof phone booths, modern offices, and a packed schedule of networking events, Origin Workspace is more than just a workspace—it's a community where members find not only a place to work but also a place to grow, connect, and succeed.