BPAA Boules Tournament 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

As a long awaited date in Bristol’s property social calendar, this years' Boules Competition sponsored by Beach Baker did not fail deliver a highly competitive afternoon enjoyed in scorching temperatures reaching 28 degrees centigrade. Rupert Stuart-Baker, Director at Beach Baker comments “This is the sixth year in a row we have sponsored the Bristol Property Agents Association Boules’ Competition and it was once again an excellent and competitive afternoon!”. 40 teams entered the competition competing for the opportunity to win the coveted BPAA Boules Cup or Silver Plate. The top team from each of the 8 groups went into the Cup competition with the runner up qualifying for the plate competition.

Cup Competition

A solid performance by AWW, JLL, RBS & Integral  saw the four teams secure a place in the semi final. Undeterred from the storming victory AWW beat JLL 7 to 3 and RBS beat Integral 7 to 2 to take their place in the final. The final was bitterly fought by both teams; AWW took an early lead, with RBS fighting back in the second round securing 5 points vs. 2, AWW came back strong in the penultimate round, reducing the winning margin to 2 points, but not enough to secure the cup with which was scooped this year by RBS. AWW fought hard to the end in a bid to add their name to the come for a second time in the space of 3 years having failed to defend the cup in last year’s competition.

Plate Competition

Reigning Plate holders BNP secured a convincing win over TFT to secure their place in the semi finals and fought hard to secure their place in the final beating TLT by 2 points.Foot Anstey secured their place in the semi finals and patiently waited for Watts Group and Rapleys to confirm who was going to compete against them for a position in the final; following a controversial ruling involving obstacles Rapleys prevailed.  Both Semi final games were closely fought with Foot & Anstey beating Rapleys 7, 6 thanks to some skilful techniques and a cry’s that they were using a magnetic Jack! The final was bitterly fought by both teams keen to take home the most useful tea tray (Silver Plate) with BNP determined retain the silverware for a second year running...Alas this was not to be the case when Foot & Anstey secured victory by 3 clear points and knock the last agency firm out of the competition!