Beach Baker attend the BPAA Annual Dinner 2011

Monday, June 10, 2013

Thu 10 Feb 2011

Artcile in EG by Stacey Meadwell on February 11, 2011

"Former Rugby international Martin Bayfied was outgoing BPAA president, Andrew Batchelor's, choice of after dinner speaker at the association's annual dinner in Bristol last night and what a talented man he is.

Not only a world cup rugby player and broadcaster Bayfield is also a dab hand at accents (we were treated to Irish, Welsh, Kiwi and Yorkshire) and a body double for Robbie Coltrane in the Harry Potter films. If you've ever seen Martin in the flesh (or even a picture of him standing in a group) you'll understand why he has the perfect frame to double up as Hagrid the giant.

After tales of camaraderie and punch-ups on the rugby pitch it was time for out-going president Batchelor to give his final speech and hand over the chain of office to Jayne Rixon. Rixon will be the first woman president in the association's 65 years. As Batchelor pointed out, women got the vote in 1918, Magaret Thatcher became the first woman prime minister in 1979 and the final frontier, BPAA president, has now been reached.

It will be interesting to see who she chooses to speak at next year's dinner"