General Practice

Welcome to Beach Baker's General Practice Recruitment Service, started by Rupert Stuart-Baker in 2008, our team have successfully partnered with a wide range of clients and successfully delivered over 800 recruitment campaigns across the UK, often working on an exclusive basis.

General Practice is a varied and exciting area of Property covering many disciplines, which our team understands and values.  

Our extensive network includes candidates with MRICS qualification in Real Estate and with a focus on collaboration and tailored solutions, we strive to ensure the perfect fit for every position!

Who We Work With

Our diverse clients includes:

Global and Independent Property Consultancies: We partner with both large international firms and boutique consultancies to fulfil their staffing needs.

Property Companies: From established corporations to agile startups, we assist property companies in sourcing the best talent for their teams.

Developers: Our expertise extends to supporting developers in sourcing talent for their projects, from inception to completion.

Family Trusts: We understand the unique requirements of family trusts and provide personalised recruitment solutions to meet their objectives.

Public Sector & Education Institutions: From local authorities to government agencies, to universities, we aid the education and public sector institutions in recruiting talent to serve their communities effectively.

Charities: Supporting the charitable sector, we assist in finding skilled professionals dedicated to furthering their noble causes.

Asset Managers: Whether it's commercial or mixed use assets, we help asset managers find professionals to optimise their portfolios.

Corporates: We work with corporations of all sizes, providing recruitment solutions tailored to their specific industry and organisational culture.

Our Specialisms

At Beach Baker, we specialise in recruiting qualified professionals across various disciplines, including:

Acquisition: Identifying and securing properties that meet our clients' investment criteria.

Agency & Leasing: Facilitating transactions between landlords and tenants in the commercial property market.

Asset Management: Maximising the value of real estate assets through strategic management and investment initiatives.

Capital Markets: Assisting clients in buying, selling, and investing in commercial properties.

Corporate Real Estate: Managing real estate portfolios for corporate clients, optimising space utilisation and reducing costs.

Corporate Recovery: Supporting clients in restructuring and recovering distressed real estate assets.

Development: Overseeing the development process, from site acquisition to project completion.

Estate Management: Managing and maintaining properties to ensure their long-term value and functionality.

Lease Consultancy: Providing expert advice on lease negotiations and disputes.

Property Management: Handling day-to-day operations and maintenance of real estate assets.

Rating: Advising clients on business rates and valuation for tax purposes.

Valuation: Working across both commercial and residential valuation, assessing the market value of properties, providing accurate and reliable valuations for purposes such as sales, mortgages, taxation, and investment.

Sectors of Expertise

Our recruitment services cover a wide range of property sectors, including:

  • Development & Land
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial & Logistics
  • Offices
  • Public Sector & Third Sector
  • Residential & Hotels
  • Retail & Leisure
  • Rural & Agriculture
  • Student & Education

Why Choose Beach Baker

Extensive Industry Knowledge: With years of experience and a deep understanding of the property market, we provide unparalleled insights and guidance.

Expansive Network: Our extensive network of contacts enables us to connect with top talent across various sectors and disciplines.

Tailored Approach: We take a personalised approach to recruitment, understanding our clients' unique needs and delivering customised solutions.

Structured Methodology: Our structured, knowledge-based methods ensure a thorough and efficient recruitment process, saving time and resources for our clients.

Strong Communication: Open communication is at the heart of our service. We keep our clients informed at every step of the recruitment journey, fostering transparency and trust.

Whether you're a global corporation or a local charity, Beach Baker's General Practice team is here to support your recruitment needs with professionalism, integrity, and dedication. Let us help you find the talent that will drive your success in the dynamic world of property.

Rupert Stuart-Baker

Managing Director

Property - General Practice

07557 978 873

Marie Skuce

Principal Recruiter 

Property - General Practice

07717 829940

Amelia Messenger

Principal Recruiter

Property - General Practice

07586 673 981